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May 22, 2020


We hope those of you who feel comfortable joining us Sunday will do so. We will begin service at 10:45 AM and the doors will be locked at 11 AM like normal. If you don’t feel good about getting out and attending church yet, you certainly need not feel bad at all about that. That is a choice that only you can make for yourself.

According to the White House “Opening Up America Again Guidelines,” churches can reopen with operations continuing under strict social distancing. And for good reason. We have to try move toward normal at some point, but we must do so very carefully. While the chances of becoming infected are statistically small—they are still real—especially for those who do become ill. To date several churches have found this out the hard way and are no longer meeting.

By way of reminder, only two doors will be open. The very front wooden doors and the very back doors. When you enter please maintain distance from one another and do not go downstairs. Staying upstairs will save us from having to do extra cleaning, and there is nothing going on downstairs that would warrant anyone going there in the first place. The water fountain is covered up and the kitchen is locked. Please try to use the restroom before you come to church, but if you must do so, use the restroom upstairs only.

When you enter the sanctuary, if you have an offering that you haven’t given and would like to do so, there is a plate on the table at the front of the sanctuary. We will not be taking up offering during the service. When you find a seat, pews are marked off so that people will be sitting in every other pew as indicated. Only three people will be able to sit per pew if they are not related or came together. One family and one individual of a different family can sit per pew. This is to maintain 6 foot spacing. When the service is over, I likely will dismiss everyone gradually and not all at once, so we don’t have people getting too close while leaving and exiting through the halls and doors all at the same time.

While no one is required to wear a mask at church, it might be worth keeping in mind that should such a person later test positive, it might not be a good look for that person. Remember, people are contagious days before they ever feel sick, if they ever do; and masks are for others more than the person wearing them. I will be wearing one when I am not preaching for the simple fact that I would feel awful if I ended up having the virus at some point and infected someone.

Not knowing how much we will be able to talk and visit at church, we will have our Zoom Sunday evening meeting as normal for this week.

Soli Deo Gloria

Note: Please see all the guidelines in Services to be prepared for the changes.

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