From Pastor Donnie Gullion 4/8/20

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I hope everyone is still doing well and finding some things to do to keep busy. I know all of this provides some long hours at times, and it requires some extra effort in occupying yourself if you're not still working.


Please spend some of that extra time praying. There are obviously so many things that we could be praying for of late. Continue to pray for our President and national leaders, that they have good information and make good decisions based on correct information. The same goes for our Governor and his advisers. It's a stressful time for all of them. Regardless of who they are and whether we personally like them or not, all of them without exception want to minimize human suffering and should be in our prayers. In hindsight months down the road, some decisions may turn out not to necessarily have been the best; but everybody is a genius with hindsight and not the ones in the hot seat needing to make immense and far-reaching decisions that affect the lives of millions of people. Pray for our leaders as they are clearly under a great deal of stress in trying to make good decisions. Pray for their personal health and their emotional health during an incredibly stressful time. They are working unbelievably long hours. This inevitably is taking and will take a toll on them, thus they need our prayers.


The same can be said for those in healthcare and those who are front line workers. Pray that they use wisdom as they carry out their daily tasks, and also that they would be protected and their families also. It is an enormous stress thinking that you may take an illness home to your family so pray for them physically as well as emotionally. Pray also for those who are conducting research and sifting through data that will help people who are ill and even potentially prevent illness. Pray also for the population at large, that they would also use wisdom and common sense. It seems from far too many news reports that this is lacking—even worse, this includes a few church leaders who sadly seem not to be able to tell the difference between

faith and foolishness and under the pretense of boldness in God confuse the two. If our Christianity can be stopped by not being in a building—it’s not Christianity.  If our faith dies because we missed several weeks of meeting in a building (for a legitimate reason), it was never alive in the first place and had no chance of lasting till the end of life’s journey.

Don’t forget we will have a zoom meeting this Wednesday.

(Note: If Sandra and I are unavailable, the link will be active, and everyone can visit without us.)

Topic: Wednesday GCBC Zoom Meeting

Time: Apr 8, 7:00 PM
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Meeting ID: 902 630 739
Password: 045727
We will have a zoom meeting on Friday as well. This will be a quick time where we will simply read a few passages from Isaiah and the Passion Narrative, and I will ask all who would like to pray to do so. It won’t be anything very formal; but since we are not able to meet, it might be nice just to read through some scripture passages together and pray for a little while on Good Friday. No one need to feel obligated; it’s just a little extra time for reflection for whoever would like to join us.  (We will visit a little at the beginning but then share Scripture together and close.)
Topic: Friday GCBC Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 10, 7:00 PM
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Meeting ID: 328 418 427
Password: 054605



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