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Sunday, January 12: 

  9:30am  Sunday School

10:45am  Worship Service & KidsWorship (Sermon Series -  January: Wisdom in Proverbs)

    During January, Donnie will be highlighting the book of Proverbs. Please continue reading a chapter each day (January 12, Chapter 12; January 13, Chapter 13; January 14, Chapter 14... etc.). On Sunday, Donnie will examine those chapters and elaborate on our guide to gain wisdom by following these God-inspired words.

12:10pm  Special Business Meeting

     A special business meeting will be held following the service for the purpose of approving the Nominating Committee report and the budget for 2020.

  1:00pm  Agape Myanmar Mission Church

 Wednesday, January 15:  

   6:00pm  Kids 4 Christ

   6:00pm  3:6TEENS

   6:30pm  Adult Bible Study

Sunday, January 19:  

  9:30am  Sunday School

10:45am  Worship Service & KidsWorship (Sermon Series -  January: Wisdom in Proverbs)

    Donnie continues to go through the book of Proverbs. Remember to read a chapter each day (January 19, Chapter 19; January 20, Chapter 20... etc.). Donnie will again examine those chapters to guide and gain wisdom by following these God-inspired words.

  1:00pm  Agape Myanmar Mission Church


2019 Contribution Statements

     Contribution statements for 2019 are being distributed. If you think your statement is in error or have any questions about it, please contact Sue in the church office.

Need Offering Envelopes?

     Boxes of offering envelopes are available on the front pew and in the ladies' Sunday School room. Updated for 2020

     We've done some updates to our church website for this year. We hope you like them and trust we can continue to serve Grace Community.

Remember Your Prayer Pal

     If you are a Prayer Pal to a student, are you remembering to pray for them every day? You can pray for their protection and safety, discernment and wise choices, self-control, that they will be obedient, honest and respectful. You can also pray they will have opportunities to be kind to others, Godly friendships, and have enthusiasm and joy in learning.

Wednesday, January 29:  

  6:30pm  Quarterly Business Meeting


We Want To Connect With You!

     Announcements of services, events and church information are on this website.
     Our Facebook page is at or visit by clicking the blue and white Facebook " f " icon at the bottom right of our website pages. Facebook requires you have an account to view our page.


How to Become a Church Member

     If you are interested in becoming a member of our church family, contact the church office by phone at 502 361-2911 or by email. You may also let pastor Donnie know during the closing song at the Sunday Service. At your earliest convenience, pastor Donnie will make an appointment to discuss the process with you.

How to Add Someone to our Prayer Request List

     If you wish to add someone to the prayer list, please call the church at 502 361-2911 during regular office hours or use the Receive Our Mailings form on our Home page. Please let the church office know if someone can be removed from the prayer list. The list is published monthly with the church bulletin.

How to Receive Prayer Requests

     Prayer requests are sent out by email. To be added to receive these requests, please use the Receive Our Mailings form on our Home page.

How to Receive our Church Newsletter by Email

     Our newsletter is published monthly. If you are a member of GCBC and wish to receive the newsletter by email, please use the Receive Our Mailings form on our Home page. Note that Community Connections Edition on our website replaces members' birthdays with Sunday School and Church Worship times.

How to Provide Your Email Address to Us

     The most efficient way to notify members is by email. If the church office doesn't have your email address, please send it to us using the Receive Our Mailings form on the Home page. If you don't have email, we will always make our best effort to notify you of important updates by phone.

Weather Cancellation Policy

     If it becomes necessary to cancel services, it will be announced on: WLKY-TV; the church voice mail (call 361-2911 and listen to the recorded message);
the church Facebook page:; and here on the church website:

     It’s sometimes difficult to determine when services should be cancelled. Clearing snow and ice from the parking lot can be a challenge due to refreezing, thus it often has dangerous spots even after snow removal and treatment. At times the roads may be clear but the parking lot may still not be ideal. If we make a decision to have church when the parking lot is not totally clear, we will put that information on voice mail; so that you can make an informed decision about whether you should attend services.

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